Friday, April 15, 2011


Well I have finally gotten around to type another blog post.....
We spent a wonderful three months out west. We stayed a week in Yuma with John and Willy and Bonnie and Omar and had a great time. We then headed north to Laughlin to meet up with all our other friends we have met out there. We had great fun and were busy every day. In fact we spent every day going from about 10 in the am to about 8 or 9 at night. I was usually so exausted when we got home that I kind of just went into the "vegatative" state. I pretty much just had to crawl into my bed or the recliner and cool it.. Therefore no time to blog....

Those of you who have been following my blog since day one will remember that I have always said since I was first diagnosed that I just wanted to spend time with friends and family. Well we sure have been doing alot of that. I have a girlfriend (since 9th grade in school) that lives in Colorado. We have not been able to get to their home as yet but last year they visited us in Laughlin and this year we met them in Vegas and stayed a couple days with them in a great Condo. It was really a great treat for us as we dont usually stay in Motels seeing as how we have a Motor Home. I have another friend from when we were living in Oklahoma that we visit with each time we go to Laughlin. This year we went to their house in Palm Springs and it was just so nice to visit with them in their surroundings. I have two things on my bucket list that I want to accomplish with regards to friends and familys. I want to spend a week with my sister just doing crafts all week long and I would like to go to New Jersey and meet the gal(and her family) that was my Chemo Angel a couple years ago. She was just such a sweet gal and is intrested in what I have been for along time (card making) however she has surpassed me in her abilities in the last couple years. I read her blog all the time in wonderment.

We are currently at Lost Valley Lake in Missouri where we used to live. We only planned to stay here two weeks but the Doctors seem to put a damper on that on a daily basis. Jerry went in to get the battery changed in his pacemaker day before yesterday and he is having a bit of trouble shaking the anathesia so he is still a bit wiped out. He needs to come back for a check in two weeks. My blood pressure (which I have never had to worry about before) spiked and I have to be back in a couple weeks. When the doc said I needed to come back I said "We wont be here" and he said "Yes you will". Hmmmmmm Guess we might have to go to Chicagoland to Tiffs for Easter in the car and leave the Motor Home here and then come back before we leave for the next trip. We plan yo get the Dr. appts out of the way the first week in May and then head up to Tiffs again to be there for Justins First Communion on the 7th and then on to Corys for the Babys Baptism on the 22nd. We planned to head north in Michigan and go thru Mackinaw Island as it was about 30 years ago that we were there before, then on to Minnesota from there.

I spent the three months that we were in Laughlin on what the Dr. called a Chemo Holiday. No Chemo at all. Yeah... however I'm now wondering if that was really a smart thing to do. I felt good as far as my body goes (other than my knees and I'll get to that later) but when I had the next PET scan in March it turned out that I had more activity in the Sternum, a large mass in the left lung and one lymph node with cancer cells. I have since been put on Doxil a Chemo drug given by infusin once a month. It is not supposed to have Neuropathy as one of its side effects but I dont believe it. My left hand is more numb now than it ever was and I still have some problems walking sometimes. I guess we will have to see. The Doc is going to give me one more treatment and if nothing has changed hes going to change the Chemo Drug.I have been feeling pretty good most of the time except for my knees. While we were out in Laughlin I had Arthoscopic Thermal Abluation on the left knee and it was real good for awhile but its already hurting again. The knee doc said I was a candidate for a total knee replacement if this didnt help but they wont do that on someone on Chemo. As anyone with Arthritis knows if you keep moving its better for you. Sooooooo I keep telling Jerry we need to go back to Laughlin where we were on the go all the time.. Guess I'll have to go to plan B.... walking at least 30 minutes a day...

Well I am still appreciating all the prayers and support sent my way
I cant possibly get enough of that.
So long for now


Saturday, December 11, 2010


We have been in Missouri for about two weeks. We are getting caught up on all our Doctors appts and yearly check ups so we will be ready to head out to Laughlin when the time comes.

we have not had any days free until this weekend and I have to finish my Christmas Cards and get my gifts wrapped as we are leaving on Thursday. We will be leaving the Motor Home here at Lost Valley Lake so we have to pack suitcases too. We were planning to be in Michigan when Cory and Jens baby was born. They are having their first baby and the due date was the 19th. They fooled us and had it on the 7th. Kingston James Hansen
6 lbs 5 ozs 18 - 1/2 inches long.. I can hardly wait to get there to see him.

We will come back here after Christmas and get our Motor Home and head off to Laughlin for the winter..

I had a PET scan on thurs and will get the results on Mon and hopefully they will take me off the Taxol which is the drug that causes the Neuropathy and makes my nails dead. I have lost one toenail and 3/4 of another so far and really don't want to loose anymore... If I still have to have treatments I will go to the Doc In Las Vegas that I saw last year..We plan to stay at Corys until after Christmas and then head out to warmer climate. We will stay in Yuma for about a week with John and Willy..

I am so thankful that I have been well enough to travel and keep up with things.
Some days I have no stamina at all but most days its pretty good.

Hope this finds everyone well and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


So much has happened since the last time I posted that it may take me awhile to catch up. And then again I may not......

After the great news from the results of the PET scan in September my doctor gave me some time off ... two and a half weeks to be exact and we took a trip out east. I had two treatments of Cycle 4 and then we left Missouri on the 28th of Sept. We went to Tunica Mississippi and had planned to stay for a couple days. Tunica is a small gambling town with about 8 Casinos and is about a half hour south of Memphis Tennessee. Now I have never been much of a gambler... I can go to the Casino and watch someone else play and be completly content for quite a while. BUT... I found this one machine called Lucky Lemmings and got hooked. LOL I still don't ever gamble any more than $40. We stayed there having a good time between the gambling and trying all the Buffets and then were planning to head out to Memphis where we were going to meet up with our friends from Oklahoma. After checking out prices of RV campgrounds in Memphis we realized it would be better to stay in Tunica and drive to Memphis. We spent two days driving up to Memphis going to Graceland, Beale Street and to the dog races and driving back to Tunica to be able to try out each and everyone of the 8 Casinos.. When it was time to meet up with our friends we then moved to a very nice campground in Memphis right on the river and met up with Kenneth and Verna. We spent about three days there and watched Barges go up and down the river at all times of the day and night. That was really a fun experience. Our first adventure after we retired was spent watching Barges in Iowa on our way to Nebraska. I didnt realize how interesting that could be. Something I never would have even thought of in my younger days. It not only takes getting older but also when you know your days may be numbered you tend to appreciate things and see them in a whole different light. We then took off for Nashville, bummed around there for a couple days touring Music City Hall of Fame and various other places and hoping to be able to get tickets for The Grand Ole Opry. We were lucky to get great tickets for Saturday night and saw Trace Atkins, Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton, along with several other Nashville old timers. It was a great show and we surely enjoyed it. Then it was off to Gatlinberg Tennessee and the Great Smokies. Jerry and I love Gatlinberg so I was super excited and feeling like a kid in a candy store. We took a train ride up into the Smokies which was alot of fun and the trees were just starting to change so it was a georgous site. We also took a ride on the Blue Ridge Skyway which is supposed to be the most beautiful ride in the states according to all the RV books. The Skyway goes from North Carolina to DC. However we knew we didnt want to take the Motor Home on that road especially seeing as how the speed limit is only 45 miles an hour and its quite curvy. Not alot of drop offs like when we went to Sedona AZ but still a bit scary for driving the Motor Home. So we just took about a 50 mile drive and enjoyed the views and the colors. It was georgous. Kinda felt like you could not be much closer to heaven.

The day before we were scheduled to leave to head back to Missouri for me to start my next cycle of treatment we got a call from my mom that my dad was not doing well and the Nurse had called to tell her to get the family together. We left but did not make it home before my dad passed away. We have been here since and are still helping my mom get all the legal things sorted out. Its getting colder and I'm freezing. We have the Motor Home parked next to her house and we stay in it at night as we dont have TV in the house. If worse comes to worse we will have to winterize the Motor Home and move into the house and get her TV hooked up I guess. You know I cant live without the TV and my reality programs. LOL My mom is doing very well and I have been getting my treatments in Duluth since we have been here. I will have treatment number three of Cycle 5 on Tuesday and then will have a week off. The doctor here wants to see if I could get just Avastin and not Taxol next cycle as my Neuropathy is very severe. My hands are numb on the palms all the time and my feet are numb also so that it is hard for me to walk at times. I also have two toenails that are about to fall off and my fingernails are also affected from the Chemo and at times are very sensitive as the cells are dying under the nails. I am hopeful that I will not loose any of them. As far as strength and stamina I am doing very well. God allows me to wake up every day and keep on fighting.

Jerry has been wonderful helping with my mom and all the upkeep on the house. You know how it is with a house. There is always something that needs fixing. Oh yeah.. its that way when you have a Motor Home too.

Hopefully I will keep up with blogging better from now on..
Keep me in your prayers... its working

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hi All....
Well the results of the long awaited PET scan..... wondering if it was working this time as there were not many more options
Good News is that it is working !!!!! YEAH.... There is a considerable difference in the results in comparison to the last PET scan...

This is From the actual PET scan report....

"Reduction in the size, number and metabolism of the bilateral pulmonary nodules. Soft tissue testis in the sternal insertions of the right pectoral muscles have also regressed.
In laymans terms.....

Nodules in the lung have decreased... not as many and size smaller of the ones left.

Sternum (which we have been fighting for two and a half years) has finally gotten better.. It didn't tell the activity level but we are going with the good news that its better this time.


Thanks to all who have put me on their prayer lists and sent white lights and good thoughts for me...

Its finally working.... I guess God just had a reason for me to be trying out all these Chemo drugs....I have been on for the last two and a half years...

Maybe I'm supposed to be a testament to the fact that you can still live a wanderlust life while being on Chemo....Because we are sure doing that...

WE are planning to head out East at the end of next week.... --- Probable the 29th and then will have to be back here on the 18th of Oct so I can have another
treatment on the 19th and then go up to Tiffs to take care of the boys while they spend a few days in Las Vegas....Fun for them.......
Well I do have one setback or bad side effect.... Neuropathy and it makes it hard for me to type when its acting up.... I can still feel the keyboard and know which keys to hit but my fingers don't always hit them so its lots of correcting....

September 30, 2010
We are currently in Tunica Mississippi... Another gambling town like Laughlin... not as nice tho...
We are here for a couple days and then we are going back up to Memphis to see Elvis country.We are then going to meet up with our friend Kenneth and his wife and taking off for the Smokies ... It will be a nice trip but quicker than I wanted... because I have to be back on the 18th.
I'm hoping that by then (with the little break I have had in treatments) the Neuropathy will have subsided a bit as I am having a hard time walking. I feel like an old lady as I have to hang onto Jerry especially if its gravel or uneven pavement. The drug I am getting that is working has this side effect but there is nothing we can do about it at this time other than put up with it as long as its killing the Cancer. I get a bit exausted after any physical activity but other than that I feel great. Everyone tells me I dont look sick... ha ha... I have a friend that says she should get me a T-shirt made that says "I MAKE CANCER LOOK GOOD".

Well I guess thats all for today.... I'm off to see if I can find some "LUCKY LEMMINGS"....
Anyone know what a Lemming is??? Its not anything like the Casino Machine Lemmings... LOL
They are like little rodents..BUT My favorite Casino Machine is little Dr. Suess looking animals that jump into
the water or across the water to a cliff.... Fun hey???

Unitl next time..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I keep getting in hot water because I am not blogging or journaling enough.. 
Its Sunday night and I'll try to get this one done before I go to bed... However my fingers are very numb tonight ( from the Neuropathy) so there might be lots of mistakes that I miss. 

We landed back at Lost Valley Lake late on Tues. Aug 10 and got everything set up so we were in business again.  Everything has to be taken down from the desk and all the pictures I have above the windows on the ledge have to be taken down too so it takes a while to get stuff back where it belongs.
Our Trip was uneventful.... thank goodness.  We stayed at our favorite half way place in Osceola, Iowa at Terribles Casino.  I sometimes don't go in but decided to this time and I had my $20 with me so decided to play something.  I had seen someone playing a machine that was called Leaping Leamers.
hmmmm looked cute to me... I put in my money and pretty soon those little leamers had leaped around enough to make me 25 dollars richer.  I walked out of there with $45.50.    Jerry was not quite so lucky and lost $8.00.  Oh well...When we got here it was about 92 degrees... a bit different than Hoyt Lakes.

Went to the Doc and had my treatment on Wed. and everything went as usual.. a bit foggy but ok to do a bit of shopping.  Jerry is getting good and finding things for me to try on.  I hate shopping so he does the finding and I do the  trying... ha ha  Thursday I had to go back to the Clinic to get my Neulasta shot so we decided to go to the movie.  We saw Salt and really enjoyed it...

It is now August 25th and we are once again in Hoyt Lakes Minnesota.  I convinced my Doctor that I could get very good treatment up here so I will have my  first treatment tomorrow.  On the way up here we took a trip to Door County Wisconsin and really enjoyed that.  Its a very touristy peninsula only about 60 miles long.  Lots of small towns up and down each side of the peninsula with lots of fun shops and restaurants.  We also toured a Maritime Museum and a submarine which we really enjoyed also.  Weather here in Northern Minnesota is very unpredictable.  Day before yesterday it was 84 degrees and then dropped to 68 today.  Tomorrow about 73 but gets very cool at night so that we actually have to have the furnace on.  We will be coming back to  Missouri on Sept 15th. I will have my PET scan (please pray for me) on the 16th and we will then fly out to Michigan to Cory and Jens house for a Baby Shower... Wowsa.... After that I do not know what we will be  doing as it will all depend on the Doc and the results of the PET.  It would be nice if we could take a much anticipated trip out East but plans will be cemented after the 21st.  I am so glad Jerry retired last year and so glad we are living in a Motor Home.  If we weren't I might be sitting watching TV instead of traveling all over... What a  wonderful life..

As far as my health goes ...
I am feeling very good except for my Neuropathy... Actually at times my feet feel like bricks and ache bad enough to take pain pills.  My fingers are tingly and numb all the time but I will survive...I get tired after any physical exercise and have to rest awhile at times..   I am thankful to be alive and able to keep going so I'm not complaining..

I am not sure what I do all day long but I sure seem to never accomplish any thing.  I have not done any crafts nor made any new cards since last Christmas.. Maybe next month I will get something done... ha ha

Must close for now or I might not get this published..
Hope to hear from some of you as to what you have been doing all summer..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have now been to six different Cancer Centers for Chemo Treatment.  Its really amazing that someone can still have a great life and travel while taking treatments.  Its also surprising how different the Infusion rooms are.  Infusion Rooms are where the patients get their treatments.  Some are big rooms with recliners lining the walls and some are individual rooms that you sit in all by yourself.  I have an aversion to being in a single room with the door closed in case something were to happen like a reaction to the drug or someone getting sick.  In the large rooms the nurses have the mixing room and their station at the end of the room and they can hear anyone if they need something.  They are always walking back and forth also so I always feel safer there.  I have always had very good treatment and have nothing bad to say about any place I have been but then I always know exactally what I am supposed to be getting, how much and on what date.  I ask alot of questions and I pretty much know my own body as to how I feel and what to expect. 

Today I had treatment two of the second cycle.   I had the first one in Duluth last week and because it was 70 miles from my moms house the nurse asked if I wanted to go to Virginia instead this week as its only about 20 miles from moms house.  I did and both Jerry and I have decided that we liked Duluth better.  Howeve his reasoning had nothing to do with my health or the facility.  He likes Duluth and there is a Casino about three blocks away from the Clinic.  He always has to find something to do for the three and a half hours that it takes for treatment.  Duluth is a great Tourist town and there is lots of things to see and do.
The Clinic has a wall of windows and looks right out over Lake Superior and the famous Draw Bridge and the port where all the ships come to be loaded and unloaded.  Very interesting...

We will be leaving Hoyt Lakes after my Reunion weekend on the 8th as I will have my last treatment of this cycle back at the Clinic in Missouri on the 10th, then I will have a week off and start Cycle three before having the next PET scan. I'm hoping that I can talk my doctor into letting me come back up here for the next cycle as we still dont have everything cleaned out at the house.  Still dont know when the house may be sold as she just doesnt want to get rid of it.  Mom feels it is good to have it for company to stay at.  Also the housing market is about the same as every where else and nothing much is selling at this time.  I am willing to do as much as I can at this time as I dont know if I will be able to do anything when the time comes to finally sell. 

We have enjoyed the weather up here when we hear about the heat wave in Missouri.  It has been mostly in the 70's and only a couple days of unberable humidity.  My days have been spent going to get my Mom at Clayridge Assisted Living where she lives and bringing her here to the house until after supper when we take her back.  Last week when we went to Duluth for treatment we spent a little time shopping on the way home and the big Mall in Duluth.  The on Friday I was feelin good enough to take a  trip back to Duluth as we decided we wanted to go see the TALL SHIPS..Then Friday I was in good shape so we went back down to Duluth to see the Tall Ships.....Its an amazing fleet of tall sail boats that come into the harbor only occasionally and it was great... Big Festival....We stood in line for and hour and a half to go on one of the ships. Luckily it was not hot it was a perfect day for it..Then we did alot of walking.... my feet were numb by 2 when we left..We then stopped at Kohls to shop for awhile and I bought a few capris and a top. All in all a good day but I was glad to come home and veg out in my recliner. 

We have visited Dad several times and of course I can see him slipping by as its always a long time in between visits for me.  He has good days and bad and anyone who has dealt with dementia knows what I mean.  For the most part he still recognizes us.  But because of the medication that they have to keep him on to keep him safe he does not talk much and has no interest in TV or his beloved cross word puzzle in the newspaper or even reading a magazine.  He still enjoys eating pastry and having coffee so that is what we mostly do with him.  Its absolutly amazing that we took him to the Hospital in March 2009 and we told he didnt have very many days to live, and hes still here a year and a half later.  He just turned 94 but still looks like hes in his early 80s. 

Today is the day that Cory and Jen found out what the sex of the baby is.  I was hoping for good news at the end of a treatment day... Well it was good news that the baby is very healthy and on point as far as size and weight, etc..  Bad news for me was that its not a girl.... Oh well we will now have someone to carry on the Hansen name.   I now can buy some of those cute baby things I've been dying to buy.

I am feeling absolutly great other than the Neuropathy.  I'm hoping and praying that this treatment is working.  Sometimes when I feel so good I worry that its not working if its not kicking my but.. Oh well I'm keeping my hopes up......


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Gosh I just reread the last blog and cant believe how many spelling errors there was... I have not figured out how to spell check on this yet so I guess I'll have to really check better... especially when I am writing in the early morning hours and I have had no sleep.... ha ha

I had my third treatment of the first cycle of the new drugs and talked my dr. into letting me go North and have the next two in Duluth Minnesota at the Cancer Clinic there. I am on my week off this week and feeling good now.  Still able to go out to dinner and do all the things that I usually do except for drinking alcohol.  I feel like I have too many other drugs in my system and just dont want to take any chances so I refrain... ha ha   It's really not so hard... Not like I'm a big drinker anyway...

We are currently in Osceola, Neb. visiting with some friends.  Alot of the people that we are with in Laughlin for the winter live in this area and there were three birthday's so we celebrated last night. There were about 25 of us at the Country Club for dinner here so it was real nice to see everyone.

We will be leaving here on Tuesday and getting to Northern Minnesota on Wednesday.  My mom is anxiously awaiting our return.  My class reunion is the 6th and 7th of Aug and we will stay for that and then be on our way back to Missouri for the last treatment of the second cycle. 

Sorry that I have not kept up any better with the blog but somedays my fingers dont want to work because of the Neuropathy and some days I just dont have the energy to sit here and type.  Usually the first few days after a treatment I am in fatigue mode and not good for much but I recover good.

Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers.
I need them all...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I keep thinking many times that I need to blog or journal and I just never do it... I guess I have to admit to myself that I'm just not as organized as I used to be.  I think of things all day long that I need to write down and then I just forget about it.  Usually I think of them when I am sitting on the POT... I have always said I get my best ideas there.... LOL

We are back at Lost Valley Lake.... we call it I guess it is our home base.. Thank goodness for everyone that is so good to us here.

Our plans to go to Michigan to Corys for the 4th and then on to Makinaw Island and then to Door County in Wisconsin before going back to my moms in Hoyt Lakes, Minn. got changed after I had my PET Scan.
I found out that I had lots of nodules in my lungs so I had to start on an agressive new treatment.  I am having Chemo (two new kinds) once a week for three weeks out of the month and then a week off.  So I started last Wednesday and then we decided to leave in the car and not drive the Motor Home as long as we could stay at Corys house and just go to his house in between treatments.  Costs a lot less to go in the car than in the Motor Home even when we had to stay over one night in a Motel.  We had a great time with them especially seeing as how we dont get to see them more than about twice a year.  We got a wonderful tour of Detroit (other than all the bad areas).  Cory wanted us to realize that Detroit was not all as bad as what you hear on the news.  There are really alot of nice expensive housing subbarbs there and even lots of nice condos and new buildings in Detroit proper.  We went to a Festival and walked around a bit but it was really hot so not to far and then ate lunch as a realy fun little outside Cafe Bistro.  Watched the fireworks at a small subbarb on the 3rd and then on the 4th there were spectacular ones on TV from the Boston Harbor that was really fun to watch to. I didnt want to leave of course but needed to get home for a treatment.  We got home yesterday afternoon and I went in for my treatment today. 

Jen is four months pregnant and looks like hardly anything at all.  Just a small baby bump and wearing regular tops still.  Of course when you are all of 5'2" and about 100 lbs I dont imagine it will show much at all.  I am so anxious to hear what it is going to be.  They will find out in another month and I will be out buying baby clothes I'm sure...I cant belive I forgot to take pictures... I had my camera with too and she is a photographer and doesn;t even have any.  She emailed me today and said they would get some sent to me when Cory gets home next weekend as hes traveling again this week. 

Its 5:10 in the am..... not I'm not up already I have not been to bed...The steroids have really hit me this time.  The Benadryl and Zirtec the am really zonked me out on the way home but when I got here then I was really hiped up.  Kept trying to think of things to do to keep me busy... washing the five dishes that were dirty, baking cookies in the 90+ degree heat when I had to turn the Air off to keep the Convection Oven going,  pacing the floor and dancing around with myself (not Jerry) were passtimes too.  I finally calmed down about midnihgt and thought I would be able to go to sleep but ended up getting up to watch TV until 3:15.  Laid in bed for an hour and must have dozed for 5 or 10 minutes, then finally go up to type...
Unfortunatuly when I am all hyped and have the Hebbie Jebbies (as I call them) I cant sit still or focus long enough to make cards or type on the computer.

We are planning to get up in the am and go to Marshalltown, Iowa to meet up with Bonnie and Omar at a friends house.  We will stay until the next Mon. or Tues so I can get home for the next treatment.  After that one it will be my week break (hopefully) and we are planning to leave to go back up to my moms in between.  I figure if we cant take the longer trips like we planned I will have to think of smaller, shourter
trips to plan in between. Who knows how long we will be able to do it so I am going to make hay while the sun shines...

I have been feeling good except for the Neuropathy in my feet and hands.. Mostly feet.  I am very numb and have a hard time walking sometimes - have to hang onto Jerry.  He put me on another drug for it today besides the one I was already taking and thought that as long as I was not taking the Chemo drug that I had been taking since January it would subside... Not yet.... I get tired out when I do anything very physical but have not decided if it is from the Chemo or from the Cancer in the long.  I will have to check when I see the Dr. next week. 

Well its now 5:35 and I have woken Jerry up so I guess I better try to get some shut eye again... If not I'll be sleeping in the passengers seat all the way to Marshalltown.....


Saturday, June 26, 2010


We just happened to be here on the weekend of the Relay For Life and I got to go again this year.
I don't think any year could ever measure up to the first time I went.  I'm not sure if it was just
that I was so emotional because it was pretty raw for me or if it was really a much better program
and atmosphere.  The thing I remember the most is that Josh Grobens song "You Lift Me Up" played
the whole time the survivors did their lap around the track.  I was in tears the whole time.  Our good
friends Bonnie and Omar just happened to be here at that time and Bonnie walked with me.  It meant
so much for her to walk with me because they have meant so much to us especially in the last 15 years.
Last night was very uplifting also even tho I was only able to walk the track twice.  Hopefully they will
find a cure sometime...

Since the last entry we have been in Northern Minnesota (yes much colder weather) at my Mothers house.  My Aunt and Uncle were there for a week and My sister and her husband and two of their
boys and a wife and two childern were there too.. Jordan and His wife Stephanie made the 6 hour trip
with a 3 week old baby and a 5 year old.  Yikes I told her that I was amazed that she would come that soon after birth.. She was fine and the kiddos were just great.  So good for my mom to see the great grandkids. 

We are now back at Lost Valley Lake as I had to come back for a PET scan and a CT scan.
I will find out Monday the results and where we go from here...I have been feeling good except for the
bad Nuropathy in my feet and hands and the fact that I am worn out after any physical activity.  I keep wondering if its gotten worse in my lungs and that is what is causing it or if its just the Chemo still
causing fatigue.. Guess I'll find out soon enough.  Naturally I have been hoping and praying for the best.  I'm not asking for a miracle but remission would be nice..

Depending on how things go on Monday we plan to leave on Tues or Wed to go to Corys in Michigan for the 4th of July weekend and then up to Makinaw Island and on to Door County in Wisconsin on the way back to Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.

Keeping fingers crossed...