Saturday, December 11, 2010


We have been in Missouri for about two weeks. We are getting caught up on all our Doctors appts and yearly check ups so we will be ready to head out to Laughlin when the time comes.

we have not had any days free until this weekend and I have to finish my Christmas Cards and get my gifts wrapped as we are leaving on Thursday. We will be leaving the Motor Home here at Lost Valley Lake so we have to pack suitcases too. We were planning to be in Michigan when Cory and Jens baby was born. They are having their first baby and the due date was the 19th. They fooled us and had it on the 7th. Kingston James Hansen
6 lbs 5 ozs 18 - 1/2 inches long.. I can hardly wait to get there to see him.

We will come back here after Christmas and get our Motor Home and head off to Laughlin for the winter..

I had a PET scan on thurs and will get the results on Mon and hopefully they will take me off the Taxol which is the drug that causes the Neuropathy and makes my nails dead. I have lost one toenail and 3/4 of another so far and really don't want to loose anymore... If I still have to have treatments I will go to the Doc In Las Vegas that I saw last year..We plan to stay at Corys until after Christmas and then head out to warmer climate. We will stay in Yuma for about a week with John and Willy..

I am so thankful that I have been well enough to travel and keep up with things.
Some days I have no stamina at all but most days its pretty good.

Hope this finds everyone well and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.