Friday, April 15, 2011


Well I have finally gotten around to type another blog post.....
We spent a wonderful three months out west. We stayed a week in Yuma with John and Willy and Bonnie and Omar and had a great time. We then headed north to Laughlin to meet up with all our other friends we have met out there. We had great fun and were busy every day. In fact we spent every day going from about 10 in the am to about 8 or 9 at night. I was usually so exausted when we got home that I kind of just went into the "vegatative" state. I pretty much just had to crawl into my bed or the recliner and cool it.. Therefore no time to blog....

Those of you who have been following my blog since day one will remember that I have always said since I was first diagnosed that I just wanted to spend time with friends and family. Well we sure have been doing alot of that. I have a girlfriend (since 9th grade in school) that lives in Colorado. We have not been able to get to their home as yet but last year they visited us in Laughlin and this year we met them in Vegas and stayed a couple days with them in a great Condo. It was really a great treat for us as we dont usually stay in Motels seeing as how we have a Motor Home. I have another friend from when we were living in Oklahoma that we visit with each time we go to Laughlin. This year we went to their house in Palm Springs and it was just so nice to visit with them in their surroundings. I have two things on my bucket list that I want to accomplish with regards to friends and familys. I want to spend a week with my sister just doing crafts all week long and I would like to go to New Jersey and meet the gal(and her family) that was my Chemo Angel a couple years ago. She was just such a sweet gal and is intrested in what I have been for along time (card making) however she has surpassed me in her abilities in the last couple years. I read her blog all the time in wonderment.

We are currently at Lost Valley Lake in Missouri where we used to live. We only planned to stay here two weeks but the Doctors seem to put a damper on that on a daily basis. Jerry went in to get the battery changed in his pacemaker day before yesterday and he is having a bit of trouble shaking the anathesia so he is still a bit wiped out. He needs to come back for a check in two weeks. My blood pressure (which I have never had to worry about before) spiked and I have to be back in a couple weeks. When the doc said I needed to come back I said "We wont be here" and he said "Yes you will". Hmmmmmm Guess we might have to go to Chicagoland to Tiffs for Easter in the car and leave the Motor Home here and then come back before we leave for the next trip. We plan yo get the Dr. appts out of the way the first week in May and then head up to Tiffs again to be there for Justins First Communion on the 7th and then on to Corys for the Babys Baptism on the 22nd. We planned to head north in Michigan and go thru Mackinaw Island as it was about 30 years ago that we were there before, then on to Minnesota from there.

I spent the three months that we were in Laughlin on what the Dr. called a Chemo Holiday. No Chemo at all. Yeah... however I'm now wondering if that was really a smart thing to do. I felt good as far as my body goes (other than my knees and I'll get to that later) but when I had the next PET scan in March it turned out that I had more activity in the Sternum, a large mass in the left lung and one lymph node with cancer cells. I have since been put on Doxil a Chemo drug given by infusin once a month. It is not supposed to have Neuropathy as one of its side effects but I dont believe it. My left hand is more numb now than it ever was and I still have some problems walking sometimes. I guess we will have to see. The Doc is going to give me one more treatment and if nothing has changed hes going to change the Chemo Drug.I have been feeling pretty good most of the time except for my knees. While we were out in Laughlin I had Arthoscopic Thermal Abluation on the left knee and it was real good for awhile but its already hurting again. The knee doc said I was a candidate for a total knee replacement if this didnt help but they wont do that on someone on Chemo. As anyone with Arthritis knows if you keep moving its better for you. Sooooooo I keep telling Jerry we need to go back to Laughlin where we were on the go all the time.. Guess I'll have to go to plan B.... walking at least 30 minutes a day...

Well I am still appreciating all the prayers and support sent my way
I cant possibly get enough of that.
So long for now