Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I finally got the word today.... Platlets still low but up from 36000 to 57000 and White Blood Count back to normal.  Yeahhhhhhh
As soon as I got the call Jerry and I loaded in the car and went to the Movie Theatre to meet our friends..  We saw the movie "Up In The Air" with George Clooney.  He is worth the movie in himself.. Just to look at.. ha ha His little co worker really impressed me with her acting chops.  I had never heard of her before. Very good and fun movie to see. I really felt like I had been freed from something and I didnt want to come home all day but we actually just stopped for a light lunch and then over to one of the Casinos to get a players card that will give us 25% off of our meals when we go there for - All you can eat Crab Legs on Fridays- stayed out until about 3:30 and then sepnt the rest of the day cleaning up our Coach.

Tomorrow Bonnie and I are going to play Bunco and then our whole group goes out for Margaritas at 4:30.  I'm back in business and able to run around.  However I still dont have the stamina to walk very far so could not walk the Boardwalk today like I wanted to.  I'll save that for later..

We have company coming in this weekend and there is a Festival on the Riverwalk so we will have some fun things to participate in.

I'll post again about my fun life instead of my medical history... ha ha


Monday, January 25, 2010


Well since I wrote that last post I have not been too many places here in Laughlin but we have sure found out where all the doctors office and Emergency Rooms are in Bullhead City. Jerry and I both ended up in the ER room on Monday morning after my treatment.  Jerry had come down with a cold while we were in Las Vegas and it just was not getting any better.  I feared I had an infected toe and possibly a bug from Jerry as I was pretty achy and coughing a lot.  Ended up he had Broncitis and I had Cellulitius. We were both given antibiotics.   I was pretty much down for the count... On Thurs I had to go for my regular blood tests and found out that my platlets and white blood cell count were both down.  Dr from Vegas called and wanted to make sure I was on the right antibotics.  Had to go back to see if the counts were up more on Friday.  I was very weak and not able to function much so I have not been out of the Motor Home much this week.  This morning I awoke with a whole different feel.   It felt wonderful... Sunshiny day and I was feeling like actually doing something.  We both had follow up appointments with a Dr. here in Laughlin from going to the ER room and he ordered another blood test.  I didnt dare go for Tacos tonight with the group and out to play cards as I didnt want to take a chance on getting any more infections. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow that my counts are up again as I do feel much better and actually almost back to normal..

I just heard from a friend in Okalhome whose husband is going thru alot of Chemo etc at this time also.  He has had lots of complications. Any of my friends who are reading this - Please keep him (John) in your prayer chains also.

More later..

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well we are in our final destination for the winter..  Laughlin Nevada.  We arrived here on Sat the ninth after a great visit with the Kinkades and the Bullards in Yuma.  The weather there was absolutly wonderful.  Its about 10 degrees cooler in Laughlin but there are so many more friends here and so many more things to do that so far we dont mind the coolness at all.  Of course I'm always cold and its actually warm enough that everyone else just has shirts on and I always have a jacket of some sort...

We settled in for two and a half days and then took off on Tues to Las Vegas.  My appointment was the 12th.  I love the doctor and feel real good about the next trial.  As I said before I'm hoping for a miracle and think that 2010 will be the year. It is a woman doctor and she has great credentials and a wonderful bedside manner.  She has conferred with my doc in Missouri and they have decided that this new drug Ixperia is the one to go with this time.  Its supposed to be easy on the side effects so I'm hoping !!!  So far its been pretty good.  I will have to go back every three weeks for a treatment but I can handle that. It is a much bigger Clinic that what I am used to but everyone was very nice and I felt quite comfortable there.

While we were in Las Vegas - my friend from Chicago was in Pheonix visitimg another friend so she came up to be with us.  We saw two shows... Terry Fator  - The winner of AMERICAS GOT TALENT and he was fabulous and then we saw the Beatles LOVE Cirque de Soleil which was really fabulous.  We had a great time and left there yesterday.  She came here to spend the night with us and will go back to Pheonix today.

On Sunday we have another couple coming to visit us on their way back to Colorado from Arizona.  I have not seen here for about four years and have been trying to get to her place in Colorado for about that long.  It will be so good to see them.  At the end of the month my ex sis in law and her husband (who we visited in Yuma) will be coming for about four days and some friends from Okla and Palm Springs will be coming in Feb.  This is great... We go on vacation and everyone comes to visit us.. ha ha... Any one else want to come...????  Glad to have you... I am going to try very hard to get to Parump Nev to see one of the Pandimites that I have know for several years but only seen once.  Cyber friends for sure..Parump is not to far from Vegas so we will try to get there mayabe next time I have to go..  Also one of the many largest Truck Stops that I am determined to see is there so I will make the trip twofold.. ha ha

Well must go get some breakfast...
Keep you fingers crossed for me that this new drug works.
I know I have lots of prayers and white lights out there so I'm counting on this being the year of remission...