Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I finally got the word today.... Platlets still low but up from 36000 to 57000 and White Blood Count back to normal.  Yeahhhhhhh
As soon as I got the call Jerry and I loaded in the car and went to the Movie Theatre to meet our friends..  We saw the movie "Up In The Air" with George Clooney.  He is worth the movie in himself.. Just to look at.. ha ha His little co worker really impressed me with her acting chops.  I had never heard of her before. Very good and fun movie to see. I really felt like I had been freed from something and I didnt want to come home all day but we actually just stopped for a light lunch and then over to one of the Casinos to get a players card that will give us 25% off of our meals when we go there for - All you can eat Crab Legs on Fridays- stayed out until about 3:30 and then sepnt the rest of the day cleaning up our Coach.

Tomorrow Bonnie and I are going to play Bunco and then our whole group goes out for Margaritas at 4:30.  I'm back in business and able to run around.  However I still dont have the stamina to walk very far so could not walk the Boardwalk today like I wanted to.  I'll save that for later..

We have company coming in this weekend and there is a Festival on the Riverwalk so we will have some fun things to participate in.

I'll post again about my fun life instead of my medical history... ha ha


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  1. So glad you are doing so good. My prayers are doing some good. I will still continue to pray for your success and hope you enjoy all of your time in Laughlin with your second family and friends.
    Love and God Bless