Thursday, June 10, 2010


Once again I am going to vow to keep up a blog or a journal... Its really more fun to type it than write it so I guess it will be a blog... I have a friend that keeps telling me - each time I tell her about something
that has happened along our journey that I need to be blogging about it...  Like when our windshield almost fell out and we had to have it scotch taped back in until we could get it  fixed and how when we went down the wrong highway to Sedona Az. from Flagstaff 15 to 30 miles and hour on a very narrow bumpy road all the drawers and cupboards were flying open in the Motor Home and things were falling out..  She thinks we are like Lucy and Desi when they were pulling the travel trailer.. 

After an absolutly wonderful three months in Laughlin, Nevada with all our friends we spent some time in Texas and then were back in Missouri at Lost Valley Lake for a month.  Jerry and I got all our yearly check ups in and dentist and eye appointments taken care of.  Also had some work done on the Motor Home.  When I got home I found out that my Cancer Clinic that I had been going to since 2005 was closing so I had to find a new doctor.  Luckily the Clinic that we have gone to for 15 years just opened up a new Oncology department and I changed over to them.  Most of the staff from the other clinic are there so I am still with my same nurses.. At this point I am not having another treatment until after I have the next PET scan which is on June 24th.  We will decided what to do after we get the results.  I have developed a bad case of Neuropathy - which is a side effect of the drug I have been getting since January.  Fortunately the drug has worked and the activity level has dropped from 16.5 to 8.7 but this particular side effect is irreversible.  I'm hoping this PET shows a very low level and maybe I can have a Chemo vacation.... YEAH...   Other than that I have been very lucky and can still function every day.  Just not as fast as I use to be but thats ok... Noone likes fast old ladies... ha ha

We are currently in Northern Minnesota at my Mothers house.  We put my dad in a Nursing Home in March and my mom in Assisted Living in October as she said she could not longer live alone in her house. We are at this time trying to get stuff cleaned up in the house so it will be ready to sell when the time comes.  After we see the Oncologist and get results of the PET scan we will take a little trip to Corys in a Detroit Sububarb and then head North in Michigan to Mackinaw Island and then thru Door County in Wisconsin before coming back here to Minnesota..  Hopefully there will be a few more trips and I will be able to post some interesting stuff.....

I am thankful every day for another day... and time with family and friends..
That is all that is important to me at this time.

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