Saturday, June 26, 2010


We just happened to be here on the weekend of the Relay For Life and I got to go again this year.
I don't think any year could ever measure up to the first time I went.  I'm not sure if it was just
that I was so emotional because it was pretty raw for me or if it was really a much better program
and atmosphere.  The thing I remember the most is that Josh Grobens song "You Lift Me Up" played
the whole time the survivors did their lap around the track.  I was in tears the whole time.  Our good
friends Bonnie and Omar just happened to be here at that time and Bonnie walked with me.  It meant
so much for her to walk with me because they have meant so much to us especially in the last 15 years.
Last night was very uplifting also even tho I was only able to walk the track twice.  Hopefully they will
find a cure sometime...

Since the last entry we have been in Northern Minnesota (yes much colder weather) at my Mothers house.  My Aunt and Uncle were there for a week and My sister and her husband and two of their
boys and a wife and two childern were there too.. Jordan and His wife Stephanie made the 6 hour trip
with a 3 week old baby and a 5 year old.  Yikes I told her that I was amazed that she would come that soon after birth.. She was fine and the kiddos were just great.  So good for my mom to see the great grandkids. 

We are now back at Lost Valley Lake as I had to come back for a PET scan and a CT scan.
I will find out Monday the results and where we go from here...I have been feeling good except for the
bad Nuropathy in my feet and hands and the fact that I am worn out after any physical activity.  I keep wondering if its gotten worse in my lungs and that is what is causing it or if its just the Chemo still
causing fatigue.. Guess I'll find out soon enough.  Naturally I have been hoping and praying for the best.  I'm not asking for a miracle but remission would be nice..

Depending on how things go on Monday we plan to leave on Tues or Wed to go to Corys in Michigan for the 4th of July weekend and then up to Makinaw Island and on to Door County in Wisconsin on the way back to Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.

Keeping fingers crossed...

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