Thursday, July 8, 2010


I keep thinking many times that I need to blog or journal and I just never do it... I guess I have to admit to myself that I'm just not as organized as I used to be.  I think of things all day long that I need to write down and then I just forget about it.  Usually I think of them when I am sitting on the POT... I have always said I get my best ideas there.... LOL

We are back at Lost Valley Lake.... we call it I guess it is our home base.. Thank goodness for everyone that is so good to us here.

Our plans to go to Michigan to Corys for the 4th and then on to Makinaw Island and then to Door County in Wisconsin before going back to my moms in Hoyt Lakes, Minn. got changed after I had my PET Scan.
I found out that I had lots of nodules in my lungs so I had to start on an agressive new treatment.  I am having Chemo (two new kinds) once a week for three weeks out of the month and then a week off.  So I started last Wednesday and then we decided to leave in the car and not drive the Motor Home as long as we could stay at Corys house and just go to his house in between treatments.  Costs a lot less to go in the car than in the Motor Home even when we had to stay over one night in a Motel.  We had a great time with them especially seeing as how we dont get to see them more than about twice a year.  We got a wonderful tour of Detroit (other than all the bad areas).  Cory wanted us to realize that Detroit was not all as bad as what you hear on the news.  There are really alot of nice expensive housing subbarbs there and even lots of nice condos and new buildings in Detroit proper.  We went to a Festival and walked around a bit but it was really hot so not to far and then ate lunch as a realy fun little outside Cafe Bistro.  Watched the fireworks at a small subbarb on the 3rd and then on the 4th there were spectacular ones on TV from the Boston Harbor that was really fun to watch to. I didnt want to leave of course but needed to get home for a treatment.  We got home yesterday afternoon and I went in for my treatment today. 

Jen is four months pregnant and looks like hardly anything at all.  Just a small baby bump and wearing regular tops still.  Of course when you are all of 5'2" and about 100 lbs I dont imagine it will show much at all.  I am so anxious to hear what it is going to be.  They will find out in another month and I will be out buying baby clothes I'm sure...I cant belive I forgot to take pictures... I had my camera with too and she is a photographer and doesn;t even have any.  She emailed me today and said they would get some sent to me when Cory gets home next weekend as hes traveling again this week. 

Its 5:10 in the am..... not I'm not up already I have not been to bed...The steroids have really hit me this time.  The Benadryl and Zirtec the am really zonked me out on the way home but when I got here then I was really hiped up.  Kept trying to think of things to do to keep me busy... washing the five dishes that were dirty, baking cookies in the 90+ degree heat when I had to turn the Air off to keep the Convection Oven going,  pacing the floor and dancing around with myself (not Jerry) were passtimes too.  I finally calmed down about midnihgt and thought I would be able to go to sleep but ended up getting up to watch TV until 3:15.  Laid in bed for an hour and must have dozed for 5 or 10 minutes, then finally go up to type...
Unfortunatuly when I am all hyped and have the Hebbie Jebbies (as I call them) I cant sit still or focus long enough to make cards or type on the computer.

We are planning to get up in the am and go to Marshalltown, Iowa to meet up with Bonnie and Omar at a friends house.  We will stay until the next Mon. or Tues so I can get home for the next treatment.  After that one it will be my week break (hopefully) and we are planning to leave to go back up to my moms in between.  I figure if we cant take the longer trips like we planned I will have to think of smaller, shourter
trips to plan in between. Who knows how long we will be able to do it so I am going to make hay while the sun shines...

I have been feeling good except for the Neuropathy in my feet and hands.. Mostly feet.  I am very numb and have a hard time walking sometimes - have to hang onto Jerry.  He put me on another drug for it today besides the one I was already taking and thought that as long as I was not taking the Chemo drug that I had been taking since January it would subside... Not yet.... I get tired out when I do anything very physical but have not decided if it is from the Chemo or from the Cancer in the long.  I will have to check when I see the Dr. next week. 

Well its now 5:35 and I have woken Jerry up so I guess I better try to get some shut eye again... If not I'll be sleeping in the passengers seat all the way to Marshalltown.....


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