Monday, January 25, 2010


Well since I wrote that last post I have not been too many places here in Laughlin but we have sure found out where all the doctors office and Emergency Rooms are in Bullhead City. Jerry and I both ended up in the ER room on Monday morning after my treatment.  Jerry had come down with a cold while we were in Las Vegas and it just was not getting any better.  I feared I had an infected toe and possibly a bug from Jerry as I was pretty achy and coughing a lot.  Ended up he had Broncitis and I had Cellulitius. We were both given antibiotics.   I was pretty much down for the count... On Thurs I had to go for my regular blood tests and found out that my platlets and white blood cell count were both down.  Dr from Vegas called and wanted to make sure I was on the right antibotics.  Had to go back to see if the counts were up more on Friday.  I was very weak and not able to function much so I have not been out of the Motor Home much this week.  This morning I awoke with a whole different feel.   It felt wonderful... Sunshiny day and I was feeling like actually doing something.  We both had follow up appointments with a Dr. here in Laughlin from going to the ER room and he ordered another blood test.  I didnt dare go for Tacos tonight with the group and out to play cards as I didnt want to take a chance on getting any more infections. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow that my counts are up again as I do feel much better and actually almost back to normal..

I just heard from a friend in Okalhome whose husband is going thru alot of Chemo etc at this time also.  He has had lots of complications. Any of my friends who are reading this - Please keep him (John) in your prayer chains also.

More later..

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