Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well my journey for 2008 was changed to an extension for 2009 and here it is 2010 so it has now turned into more than a journey.  It is survival..

We have had so much trouble with the internet service that I have not blogged for several months. My New Years Resolution is to keep a better handle on it.  That is if it is within my control.. 

Since I last made an entry  I had three treatments of the new drug that I thought was really working as I felt no discomfort and had no side effects to speak of.  However after a PET scan on Dec 10th I was told once again that it was not working.  Dr. Greco had already made arrangements for me to have the rest of the treatments in Las Vegas at the Comprehensive Cancer Center so he suggested we carry on with our plan of going to Laughlin as its only 90 miles from there.  He was sending a tissue sample of the original Cancer to the Lab and they will shoot it with many drugs to see if there is something that they have not tried that will work.This is some new process they have been doing for about 6 months he said.  The resuslts would not be know for about two or three weeks so he was going to send all info to the Dr. that I am seeing in Las Vegas.  I am ready for a miracle.  Hoping that maybe a new Dr. may see something that Dr. Greco did not or maybe some new drug is in the works..

We spent a few days with Tiff and her family the weekend before Christmas which was very nice and then headed up to Minnesota on the 20th of Dec.  Stopped in Mpls to visit with my Aunt and Uncle and then on to Hoyt Lakes.  Mom is doing very well and Dad is as well as can be expected.  My sister and her husband came for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we spent the afternoon with my dad on Christmas Eve.  Of course we had our traditional Lutefisk and Swedish Meatball dinner for Christmas Eve.  Jerry and I left Hoyt Lakes on the 26th and got back to LVL on the 27th.  Our Motor Home was winterized and it was to cold to unwinterize so we stayed in a Condo for three nights before taking off on our winter adventure.  On the 30th we stayed in Okc with our friend and New Years Eve finds us in Midland Texas.  We just finished watching the ball drop in New York and toasted with our soft drinks.  We will get to Yuma Arizona on Saturday where we will meet up with Bonnie and Omar and visit my Ex Sister in Law for a week and get to Laughlin by the 10th.
My doctor appointment in Las Vegas will be on the 12th so I will find out more at that time.

I hope 2010 is the year for everyone,.
I feel a good year coming on.
I feel like we are really starting to live in our Motor Home now..
Still have not killed each other or even had any really bad days yet... ha ha

Happy New Year..

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