Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well here we are.... in Alaska at last...
It was a long but quite an uneventful flight. We first had a layover in Salt Lake City which we almost missed. Our flight from Okc left late and we got to the boarding gate at the last minute. They had already changed our flight until the next day. We had to scramble and the Delta people did a great job and got us on. Then we had a layover in Seattle ... So of course we ate some more junk food. ha ha... We arrived in Alaska at 1;35 am and got to the Hotel and we told that we didnt have a room for that night. Our Itineary did not start until the next night. Of course we were a bit frustrated but said what could we do but pay the $200.00 extra. This morning I find out we went to the wrong hotel. We were supposed to stay at the Super 8 at the airport and get transfered over here today. It was confusing and our trip Itinery said this Hotel and the flight Itinary said Super 8. Oh well we are here and its fricken cold. I have a turtle neck and a sweatshirt jacket on and we have not even gone outside. The guys are walking around the hotel to see what is available while I am typing so better not stay to long.

When we were in Okc we took a trip downtown to see what all had been built up since we lived there. It was amazing what a good Mayor and lots of public support can do to a virtually deserted downtown warehouse district. It was beautiful and the water taxi ride we took thru the canal was wonderful. Okc has really alot of history to it. I have a pic of the three of us on the boat and will post it sometime as the beginning of our Alaska adverture if I ever figure out how to post pics. Probably will not have time to do it on the trip but when I get home I will post lots.

Must go for now

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