Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have now been to six different Cancer Centers for Chemo Treatment.  Its really amazing that someone can still have a great life and travel while taking treatments.  Its also surprising how different the Infusion rooms are.  Infusion Rooms are where the patients get their treatments.  Some are big rooms with recliners lining the walls and some are individual rooms that you sit in all by yourself.  I have an aversion to being in a single room with the door closed in case something were to happen like a reaction to the drug or someone getting sick.  In the large rooms the nurses have the mixing room and their station at the end of the room and they can hear anyone if they need something.  They are always walking back and forth also so I always feel safer there.  I have always had very good treatment and have nothing bad to say about any place I have been but then I always know exactally what I am supposed to be getting, how much and on what date.  I ask alot of questions and I pretty much know my own body as to how I feel and what to expect. 

Today I had treatment two of the second cycle.   I had the first one in Duluth last week and because it was 70 miles from my moms house the nurse asked if I wanted to go to Virginia instead this week as its only about 20 miles from moms house.  I did and both Jerry and I have decided that we liked Duluth better.  Howeve his reasoning had nothing to do with my health or the facility.  He likes Duluth and there is a Casino about three blocks away from the Clinic.  He always has to find something to do for the three and a half hours that it takes for treatment.  Duluth is a great Tourist town and there is lots of things to see and do.
The Clinic has a wall of windows and looks right out over Lake Superior and the famous Draw Bridge and the port where all the ships come to be loaded and unloaded.  Very interesting...

We will be leaving Hoyt Lakes after my Reunion weekend on the 8th as I will have my last treatment of this cycle back at the Clinic in Missouri on the 10th, then I will have a week off and start Cycle three before having the next PET scan. I'm hoping that I can talk my doctor into letting me come back up here for the next cycle as we still dont have everything cleaned out at the house.  Still dont know when the house may be sold as she just doesnt want to get rid of it.  Mom feels it is good to have it for company to stay at.  Also the housing market is about the same as every where else and nothing much is selling at this time.  I am willing to do as much as I can at this time as I dont know if I will be able to do anything when the time comes to finally sell. 

We have enjoyed the weather up here when we hear about the heat wave in Missouri.  It has been mostly in the 70's and only a couple days of unberable humidity.  My days have been spent going to get my Mom at Clayridge Assisted Living where she lives and bringing her here to the house until after supper when we take her back.  Last week when we went to Duluth for treatment we spent a little time shopping on the way home and the big Mall in Duluth.  The on Friday I was feelin good enough to take a  trip back to Duluth as we decided we wanted to go see the TALL SHIPS..Then Friday I was in good shape so we went back down to Duluth to see the Tall Ships.....Its an amazing fleet of tall sail boats that come into the harbor only occasionally and it was great... Big Festival....We stood in line for and hour and a half to go on one of the ships. Luckily it was not hot it was a perfect day for it..Then we did alot of walking.... my feet were numb by 2 when we left..We then stopped at Kohls to shop for awhile and I bought a few capris and a top. All in all a good day but I was glad to come home and veg out in my recliner. 

We have visited Dad several times and of course I can see him slipping by as its always a long time in between visits for me.  He has good days and bad and anyone who has dealt with dementia knows what I mean.  For the most part he still recognizes us.  But because of the medication that they have to keep him on to keep him safe he does not talk much and has no interest in TV or his beloved cross word puzzle in the newspaper or even reading a magazine.  He still enjoys eating pastry and having coffee so that is what we mostly do with him.  Its absolutly amazing that we took him to the Hospital in March 2009 and we told he didnt have very many days to live, and hes still here a year and a half later.  He just turned 94 but still looks like hes in his early 80s. 

Today is the day that Cory and Jen found out what the sex of the baby is.  I was hoping for good news at the end of a treatment day... Well it was good news that the baby is very healthy and on point as far as size and weight, etc..  Bad news for me was that its not a girl.... Oh well we will now have someone to carry on the Hansen name.   I now can buy some of those cute baby things I've been dying to buy.

I am feeling absolutly great other than the Neuropathy.  I'm hoping and praying that this treatment is working.  Sometimes when I feel so good I worry that its not working if its not kicking my but.. Oh well I'm keeping my hopes up......


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